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How to develop story ideas on social issues | International Journalists' Network
  1. How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published
  2. Guidelines for Philosophical Discussion
  3. A Collection of Resources for Teaching Social Justice
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When it comes to his fame, however, I daresay that most people think of Asimov as a science-fiction writer. And while I love his novels, even better are his short stories. So in honor of Asimov Day, let me present the Good Doctor's five best short stories. And one honorable mention. I'm a huge Black Widowers fan, but his mysteries are clever, not powerful. I just couldn't think of one that made the cut.

How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published

So when someone "reverse engineers" math so he can do it with a pencil and paper, it's a revelation. Ever since I was a kid, I've generally preferred to do most of my math in my head. And I've amused students in the past by solving problems more quickly than they could type them into their calculators.

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I think having a solid grasp of math is essential for understanding the world, and so this story has always appealed to me. Okay, so this isn't a short story so much as it is a fake scientific research paper. But it's awesome. In this journal article, Asimov discusses the the chemical properties of thiotimoline, a water soluble organic molecule that actually dissolves one second before it makes contact with water.

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  • The tone, discussion of the research, and everything else is dead on. It reads just like any other journal article of the period. But it discusses, in an interesting way, something about the physics and chemistry of time, which makes it worth reading. One of the classics, and for good reason. The conceit is terrific - taking place on a world orbiting six suns, it turns out that once every 2, years, none of the suns appear in the sky at all.

    And so people see darkness and the stars for the first time in their lives. The result? They go mad, of course. But it's the getting there that's fascinating. And the religious antagonists themselves are fascinating - not the single-minded ignoramuses you so often encounter in this type of story.

    I also hoped to find some that would actually teach students about activism, about how a citizen zeroes in on a problem, formulates a solution, then does the grassroots work necessary to see that solution come to life. Some of these resources fit the bill perfectly, especially the first one on the list. This award-winning organization comes up most often any time social justice teaching is discussed. One of these lessons is Confronting Unjust Practices , where students learn about the anti-segregation actions taken by the Freedom Riders and the attack on one of these buses in Anniston, Alabama pictured above.

    Other lessons from this library include What is Ageism? Lessons are available for elementary, middle, and high school students. No lesson plans here: DoSomething. This entry makes them eligible to win prizes, including scholarships.

    Currently, only U. Most campaigns are just right for high school students, and some would be appropriate for middle schoolers as well. Some topics may be considered risque, so review the content before introducing it to students. On a related note, DoSomething. The accompanying lesson plan is called A Day in the Life , which has students examine the film and other resources related to the economic situation in India. The films are truly stunning. And that kind of empathy is one of the most important building blocks for any kind of social justice action.

    He interviews practicing teachers and administrators who are walking the walk with social justice teaching. Listening to them will give you a template from which to build your own practice. I love this idea: The Educational Video Center teaches students the skills of documentary filmmaking, telling important stories in the name of social justice.

    Alumni of the EVC have created documentaries on everything from criminal justice to domestic violence to mental health. The Two Dollar Challenge is a challenge issued to people who want to make an impact on poverty.

    Guidelines for Philosophical Discussion

    If at any time those taking the Challenge are using resources which are valuable for indigent residents in the area this action must be re-evaluated. For example, What is the School-to-Prison Pipeline? The end of the lesson offers students a choice of next steps for taking action on this issue. The longer I look at this collection, the more impressed I am with it. Definitely worth a look.

    A Collection of Resources for Teaching Social Justice

    For more details on this issue, please read the comments below. This article may also shed some light on the topic. Offers a template for how to engage students in authentic conversations about difficult issues, ask themselves what they can do about social justice issues, consider ways they have already acted in the past, study how other kids and young adults have successfully solved problems, and participate in their own social justice projects.

    Educolor Resources Educolor, an organization dedicated to an equitable, just education for everyone, maintains this list of books, movies, articles, and websites that will educate teachers and students on issues of social justice, especially as it pertains to educational equity. This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a resource you like to use for teaching about social justice, please share it in the comments below. Categories: Hot Topics , Learning Theory. Great article with helpful resources!

    Thanks for the great resource. Teen and adult players will become aware that racism exists in many everyday kinds of situations interpersonal and institutional , learn why each situation is racist stereotyping, tokenism, cultural appropriation, etc.

    Played in teams. Curriculum included.

    31 Best Short Stories and Collections Everyone Should Read | Reedsy Discovery

    Your resources are absolutely brilliant. Thank you so very much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Teachers can upload activities and resources to share with others. Also, we have an online community for folks to collaborate, please join us! Thanks for your great podcast and articles, I love your work! And thanks for adding my comment. Thank you! Thank you for these great resources, and for your own insights into best practices for teaching social justice.

    I checked out the Anti-Defamation League and they have some great resources. I especially love that despite being supportive of the State of Israel, they had some lessons against Anti-Muslim bigotry and about how to be an ally to Muslim citizens. Hi Susan, Thank you for sharing this. I have added additional information to the listing for the ADL. Self centered concept of social justice. It has a fully aligned curriculum that is free online.

    Gale Resources

    Saying Prop 8 is controversial is the same as saying segrated schools is controversial. Both were struck down by the US Supreme Court under the same legal test. Using that as an example demonstrates your bias.