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  1. Cinderella | January 31 - February 9, | Pacific Northwest Ballet
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  3. Disney didn't invent Cinderella. Her story is at least 2,000 years old.

Notably, she's also a straight-A student who is determined to attend college, which helps viewers develop a sense of her goals and intelligence. An added layer to this adaptation is that Sam has a secret connection to her "Prince Charming" long before they meet on the dance floor. Throughout the movie, Sam frequently confides in an online pen pal, who later turns out to be Austin Ames, a popular football player who ends up being her "prince" in the film. In terms of a fairy godmother, "A Cinderella Story" cuts out the magic and instead features Sam's coworker, Rhonda, in this somewhat motherly role.

In true fairy-godmother fashion, Rhonda lends Sam her old wedding gown to help the high-schooler prepare for the homecoming masquerade dance which replaces the ball seen in previous movies. Sam ends up having a romantic time with Austin at the dance, but when she has to rush off to make it back to the diner by midnight, she drops her cell phone instead of a glass slipper.

Like other versions, Austin goes on a hunt to find his "Cinderella" by using the item she left behind. Unlike other adaptations, "A Cinderella Story" doesn't end with a wedding — instead, the happy couple ends up going to college together. Although most "Cinderella" adaptations feature the main character in some form of servitude to their stepfamily, "Ella Enchanted" takes it one step further — the protagonist, Ella, is under a spell that forces her to obey every command she is given.

The film primarily follows Ella, played by Anne Hathaway, on her mission to find her fairy godmother and have her undo this spell. The journey results in her meeting a collection of mystical characters that no other retelling of "Cinderella" seems to have — ogres, elves, and giants, to name a few. That said, there's still a love story at the core of the film — Ella falls for Prince Charmont — and she does attend a ball, but there are still major differences from other popular adaptations.

Cinderella | January 31 - February 9, | Pacific Northwest Ballet

For example, in the end, Ella is a bit of a heroine when she saves the prince from being poisoned; Past films haven't really seen Cinderella in a hero role. Plus, this film features a variety of modern songs, such as Queen's "Somebody to Love," instead of an original score. Another modern retelling of "Cinderella," t his version stars Selena Gomez as Mary Santiago, a high-school student with dreams of being a dancer. From the very beginning, Mary's situation is different from what we've seen before — she is forced to live with her cruel legal guardian not a stepfamily after the death of her mother not her father.

In the film, Mary falls for Joey Parker, a famous pop star who comes back to his high school to reconnect with his roots. Mary later has a romantic encounter with Joey at the school dance and she is also wearing a masquerade mask, as we saw in "A Cinderella Story. She then runs off to meet a curfew, leaving behind only her Zune a now-defunct portable music player that was popular in the s for Joey to use as a clue to find her. In this adaptation, Cinderella's dress is vastly different from all others.

It's short, bright red, and is accented with long black gloves. This film doesn't feature any magic, either. The fairy godmother role is taken on by Mary's best and only friend in the movie, who helps her prepare for the big dance. Kenneth Branagh's adaptation was produced by Disney as part of the company's string of live-action remakes of animated classics , so it's not surprising that the film stays true to the original version.

For starters, many key details from the movie are present in this one — Cinderella who goes by Ella , played by Lily James, is once again blonde and wearing the iconic blue gown.

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Box Office 0141 577 4956

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Disney didn't invent Cinderella. Her story is at least 2,000 years old.

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