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  1. Title: Astounding Stories, March 1937
  2. Astounding Stories Pulp March Conquest of Space- FAIR / HipComic
  3. Astounding Stories Pulp March 1937-Conquest of Space- FAIR
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  5. Журнал ««Analog/Astounding»»

Pulp magazine focusing on Crime and Detective stories. Includes the tales "Pop Egan Drinks with Death!

Victor E. First comic book appearance of the Phantom Magician. Contains comic strip reprints, activity pages, and a text story. Wren and Bill W. McEvoy and J. McGuire; "Flight" by W. Tipton and J. Activity pages by A.

Title: Astounding Stories, March 1937

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Astounding Stories Pulp March Conquest of Space- FAIR / HipComic

Published Mar by Butterick Publishing Company. Published Mar by George Newnes Ltd. Published Mar by Columbia Publications. Published Mar by Dell Publishing Co. Dewart Vol. Published Mar by William T. Ballyhoo Dell Publishing 1st Series Vol. Published Mar by Dell. Published Mar by Detinuer Publishing Company. Published Mar by Manvis Publications. Published Mar by Atlas.

Published Mar by McCall Company. Breezy Stories and Young's Magazine C. Young Pulp Vol. Published Mar by C. Young Publishing. Published Mar by British National Newspapers. Published Mar by Clayton Magazines, Inc. Issue 1. It was here that the seeds of Space Opera were sown, and it reduced Gernsback's ideals of a story that would inspire scientific experimentation and research to its very basic level.

Astounding Stories Pulp March 1937-Conquest of Space- FAIR

It had the effect of the field seeking to pull itself up by its bootstraps, and it is significant that Astounding had not breathed its last, for it would soon set out to remedy the problem that it had created. Desmond Hall remained on the editorial staff for a time, but the new editor was F Orlin Tremaine. The first two Tremaine issues were an uneasy balance of sf, occult and straight adventure but, with the December issue, Astounding became re-established as an sf magazine.

In that issue Tremaine announced the formulation of his Thought-Variant policy: each issue of Astounding would carry a story developing an idea which, as he put it, "has been slurred over or passed by in many, many stories". Although the thought-variant policy can be seen as a publicity gimmick rather than as a coherent intellectual design for the magazine, during Tremaine and Hall together raised Astounding to an indisputably pre-eminent position in its small field. The magazine's payment rates were only half what they had been, but they were still twice as much as their competitors' and were paid promptly.

Furthermore, Charles Fort 's nonfiction Lo! Also during the magazine's wordage increased twice, first by adding more pages, then by reducing the size of type.

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Astounding continued to dominate the field in the following years. Superscience epics in the Campbell style were largely phased out as the moodier stories of "Stuart" became popular. Stanley G Weinbaum was a regular contributor during the year of his death ; H P Lovecraft 's fiction appeared in Tremaine's intention announced in January to publish Astounding twice a month did not materialize, but the magazine prospered and in February made the important symbolic step of adopting trimmed edges to its pages, which at a stroke made its appearance far smarter than those of its ragged competitors.

Astounding Stories Magazine - March 1930: Teaser

At the same time, Astounding 's competitors were ailing: both Amazing and Wonder Stories switched from monthly to bimonthly in ; Wonder Stories was sold in the following year becoming Thrilling Wonder Stories , and Amazing suffered the same fate in When Tremaine became editorial director at Street and Smith late in with John W Campbell Jr appointed as his successor, he handed over a healthy and successful concern.

Campbell took up the editorial role on 5 October , just in time to wrap up the December issue, but the first over which he had direct control was for January For his first 18 months as editor Campbell did not develop the magazine significantly, although in he published the first sf stories of Lester del Rey and L Ron Hubbard and reintroduced Clifford D Simak.

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In March he altered the title to Astounding Science-Fiction. His intention was to phase out the word "Astounding", which he disliked, and to retitle the magazine Science Fiction ; however, the appearance in of a magazine with that title which later became Science Fiction Stories prevented him from doing so. He toyed briefly with Thought-Variant adaptations: "Mutant" issues which would show significant changes in the direction of Astounding 's evolution — and that of sf generally and "Nova" stories which would be "unusual in manner of presentation rather than basic theme".

Such gimmicks were soon forgotten. March saw the launch of Astounding 's successful fantasy companion, Unknown , on which Campbell had been working since the previous November and it had diluted his attention. During the same period Hubert Rogers became established as Astounding 's major cover artist. The authors that Campbell published have frequently attested to his dynamic editorial personality.

Certainly he fed them ideas, but it was the coincidental appearance of a number of prolific and imaginative writers which gave Astounding its remarkable domination of the genre-sf field during the World War Two years — when, to begin with, a boom in sf-magazine publishing meant there was more competition than ever before.

The key figure in and was Heinlein. His stories alone would have made the magazine notable, as a partial listing will indicate.

Журнал ««Analog/Astounding»»

At the same time there were a number of stories by van Vogt, notably Slan September-December ; ; rev , and by Asimov, including "Nightfall" September and the early Robot series. In January the magazine switched to letter size — which gave more wordage while saving paper — but it reverted to pulp size in for a few months before becoming the first digest-size sf magazine, in November , as paper shortages which killed off Unknown became more acute.

William Timmins replaced Rogers as Astounding 's regular cover artist. Astounding 's leadership of the field continued through the s. A famous non-fact squib much reprinted outside sf circles was "Meihem in ce Klasrum" September by W K Lessing writing as Dolton Edwards, a genial Satire on English spelling reform.

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The only serious challenge to Astounding 's superiority came from Sam Merwin Jr's vastly improved Startling Stories , which by was publishing much good material.